Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts

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The sixth book in this brilliantly funny, massively popular series - now as a book and CD read by Stephen Tomkinson. With two unabridged CDs of the story with music and sound effects! Convert currency.


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LGB Animal Friends. Harry The Dirty Dog. Gene Zion , Margaret Bloy Graham. Elizabeth MacPherson. Where's Spot?

The Space Ghosts

Peppa Pig: Australian Fun. Peppa Pig: Peppa The Mermaid. American Royals. Teggs , when he became a ghost himself, met Spink , the leader of the kentrosaurus. Spink showed him the raptors' mine, and Teggs was startled to see Loki barking orders to his troops, who were gathering up crates of dispium and blue marbles.

When Teggs investigated Loki's raptor death ship , he was cornered by the general, who explained his plot to use the minerals to create an invisible army. Loki attempted to feed Teggs and Spink to the kraggle-scruncher, only to be interrupted when Iggy crushed the monster. The furious Loki had his miners attack the astrosaurs and Spink, but Teggs managed to force the roof to fall on top of and trap most of the.

Loki and most of his best soldiers got away, however. The kentrosaurus, returned to normal, attacked Loki's troops while the general fled.

As he escaped Creepus in his death ship, he was shot down by Shanta and his diplodocus miners in their diplodocus ship. Plod trapped Loki under her foot as he fled the scene and he was safely locked away in jail for a time.

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Five books later, General Loki escaped from space prison again, rejoining his raptors. He and six of his warriors landed on Exmus in a ship disguised as a piece of space junk. They stole twenty thousand presents from Papa Claws ' workshop, dumping them in deep space from a space-sleigh. Meanwhile, Loki captured Papa Claws, keeping him prisoner in a cupboard for days, forcing him to teach the raptor to impersonate him while he ordered replacement gifts from Raptos , booby-trapped with twenty thousand raptor warriors, which were shrunken using a shrink-ray taken from Papa Claws.

He took Papa Claws's place, using a disguise and a voice changer. He interacted with Teggs as "Papa", only breaking from his role to hit Gipsy over the head when she discovered the shrinking ray room. He sabotaged Wrappo-Bot Six to make it attack Teggs, losing a claw in the process, and had one of his raptors, Ranpak , attack Iggy from a Christmas present that he had given the iguanodon earlier.

Iggy defeated Ranpak and, suspicious, the astrosaurs investigated Papa Claws's workshop. General Loki burst in with five other raptors, and was attacked by Teggs and Gipsy. The battle was interrupted when Ranpak woke up and captured Gipsy. Loki presented Papa Claws as a hostage and described his plan to unleash his raptor army on the Vegetarian Sector on Christmas Day. When Loki decided to eat his prisoners, Iggy interrupted, punching him and making him release Papa Claws.

Gipsy escaped from Ranpak as Arx, Nickel , and Hans joined the fight. The raptors were defeated, but Loki got away, escaping into space in a stolen space-sleigh with his booby-trapped gifts. Teggs and Iggy used another space-sleigh to chase him. Loki used built-in lasers to herd the astrosaurs' sleigh into his invasion fleet of raptor death ships. The death ships were dispersed by pursuit probes , enraging Loki, who attacked Teggs and Iggy. He crashed into their ship and lost control, landing on Stinkoss. Loki and his raptors were later arrested by Admiral Rosso and the general was returned to jail.

Loki escaped from prison again four books later in The Dreams of Dread , with the help of the Raptor Royal and another kraggle-scruncher. The Sauropod crew was sent after him, but the raptor general trapped them on their own ship and set a pack of dream-creatures on them by using special dream meteors from Raptos. He planned to steal the Sauropod and use it to deposit dream meteors all over the Vegetarian Sector , plaguing its people with hideous living nightmares and leaving it open to a raptor invasion.

He used anti-gravity boots and crimson smoke to give himself a spooky appearance and used teleporters to make himself and the dream-creatures appear and disappear, psychologically tormenting Teggs. He captured the ship's Alarm Pterosaur , threatening to destroy her if the Sauropod crew damaged the engines, but Teggs had had enough of Loki's mind games and physically attacked the evil raptor, and all three vanished.

Astrosaurs 6

Teggs finally confonted Loki outside on the planet of Mallakar , Loki encased in a battle-spacesuit designed for his kraggle-scruncher. Sprite , who was another of Loki's captives, escaped when the general abducted the alarm pterosaur and signalled to Teggs, telling him to keep Loki busy. The raptor used the spacesuit to try and crush Teggs while he gloated.

Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts

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