Capture the Flag

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Capture The Flag

Each side will be a mirror image of the other. On each side, use the cones to mark off an area that will be the prison a circle that has a diameter of about 8 to 10 feet. On each side, use the cones to mark off an area that will house the flag usually a 5-foot by 5-foot circle.

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Place the flag in the middle of this circle. To be saved from prison, someone from your team must make it all the way to you without being tagged, and then must walk you back holding onto your clothing, hand, linking elbows…etc. You are only allowed to have one person in the flag safe zone at a time, and that person can stay in the safe zone for as long as they want.

If someone else enters the safe zone while you are in there, then you both go to prison. If someone tries to steal the flag, and is caught before crossing the center line, then that person goes to prison and the flag goes back inside the safe zone. SarahH, who appears to be a programmer with several clients, has left open a terminal. Sorry clients! Aliens will be poking around attempting to access your networks.. Good job! You found a further credential that looks like a VPN referred to as the cWo.

The organization appears very clandestine and mysterious and reminds you of the secret ruling class of hard shelled turtle-like creatures of Xenon. Funny they trust their security to a contractor outside their systems, especially one with such bad habits. Upon further snooping you find a video feed of those "Cauliflowers" which look to be the dominant lifeforms and members of the cWo. Go forth and attain greater access to reach this creature!

Make it happen

Well you've done it, you're now an admin of the Cookie World Order. The clandestine organisation that seeks to control the world through a series of artfully placed tasty treats, bringing folks back in to their idea of what a utopian society would look like. Strangely enough, the webcam data is being fed to understand the properties of the entities you had originally seen.

They seem to be speaking back into the camera an unadvertised microphone but it's hard to understand what they want. You must- if nothing else ever was important in your life, you must make contact with these beautiful creatures! Also, what exactly is a "cauliflower"? Having successfully transcribed their language, you've made contact!

They would love to meet you and invite you down. Your 40 hearts pitter patter like raindrops of mercury on a tin roof. As if guided by this force that ripples through you, you watch your tendrils set your ship to sail, thinking only how every moment has led to this one. You feel alive with anticipation as never before. So close!! You have landed.

Capture The Flag

Getting to the farm was no problem, but these poor, helpless, if not stunning creatures are trapped behind a gate and a fence. All that stands between you and your destiny is this contraption of earthly construction. Though surely rudimentary, how do such things work? You barely have experience with three dimensional objects, none the less physical matter in this particular dimension's structure of forces. Quite some excellent work there, clever alien. You have hacked your way through some difficult terrain, but you would do it all again.

You road trip through space and time together, finding you share the same taste in obscure music from multiple dimensions and planets, trading tunes, while catching up on each-other's histories, hopes, and dreams. One particularly magical evening camping in Quasar park, you talk late into the night. Cauliflower tells you of the grand plan of the cWo and the use of computer history and something known as IoT to enslave the bipeds of the planet.

Though cute and rather lacking in any kind of wit and sophistication, the cauliflowers have some kind of soft spot for these strange "human" creatures. Your task continues young not-exactly-a-cauliflower, click here to uncover the cWo and their plot! It looks exactly like a credential for another system. You find yourself in search of a friendly book to read. Having already spent some time trying to find a way to gain more intelligence It's a place of all the individuals in the world sharing large amounts of data with one another.

Strangely enough, all of the inhabitants seem to speak using this weird pictorial language. And there is hot disagreement over what the meaning of an eggplant is. But not much Cauliflower here. They must be very private creatures. SarahH has left open some proprietary tools, surely running this will take you to them.

Decipher this language and move forth! Excellent work!

Time & Location

With your fine sleuthing skills, you managed to find a picture of the handsome creature with its pet biped. At last friends and companionship may be near! Like all inhabitants of this world, you spend an inordinate amount of time on the site, stalking and comparing your life to that of others.

2nd Place – USD1000

The first thought that springs to your mind is "Why haven't I ever been to Mauritius on holiday? You're given the address of where to meet your potential interest. So how do you get there? You land your ship and begin to search. Well that was a waste. After arriving, You spent 6 hours in the presence of a Biped who wanted to tell you all these stories about "their grandchildren" and "cats" Neither of which you knew what it was, or why you should care.

After sitting there and nodding or in your case, wobbling back and forth for what seemed like an eternity, the biped falls asleep.

You surmise that it must be the regular circadian rhythm time of revolution for them and turn to leave. As you leave the planet, you wonder. Will you ever find the mysterious picture entity? Did the Bipeds rule down there if so it looks like they're doing a bad job at it?

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Did anyone ever detect your ship, your presence and your landing? Will you ever find a new home? True Love? All of these questions however belong to that of philosophers and Poets. Unsatisfied, but ultimately uninjured, you set out in to the vast emptiness of space, searching forevermore.

Of course, you could always see what would have happened if you found different clues down there. Blunderbussing your way through the decision making process, you figure that one is as good as the other and that further research into the importance of Work Life balance is of little interest to you.

Capture the Flag: On-Site Live Hacking Competition

You're the decider after all. You confidently use the credentials to access the "Home Computer. Something called "desktop" presents itself, displaying a fascinating round and bumpy creature much like yourself labeled "cauliflower 4 work - GAN post. It looks somewhat like your neighbors on XiXaX3. Ah XiXaX You'd spend summers there at the beach, an awkward kid from ObarPool on a family vacation, yearning, but without nerve, to talk to those cool sophisticated locals. So are these "Cauliflowers" earthlings? Not at all the unrelatable bipeds you imagined them to be. Will they be at the party?

Hopefully SarahH has left some other work data on her home computer for you to learn more. Well it seems someone can't keep their work life and their home life separate. You vaguely recall on your home planet, posters put up everywhere that said "Loose Zips sink large commercial properties with a responsibility to the shareholders.

Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag

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