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Longer-term, the treated hearts had more healthy tissue, less dead or scarred tissue and improved contractility, as evidenced by increased left-ventricular fractional shortening on echocardiography.

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Dilated cardiomyopathy -- a stretching and thinning of the heart muscle that ultimately weakens the heart -- was also reduced. Aside from regulating multiple genetic targets, microRNAs have another advantage as a therapy: unlike gene therapy, they don't linger in the heart. After one week, expression decreased to a normal level, but the protection lasted for more than one year. Even when given systemically, the microRNAs tended to go to the site of heart damage.

But Wang would like to optimize the specificity of the treatment, since the miRNAs can also affect other tissue and organs.

This Lab-Grown Patch Could Repair Your Heart After a Heart Attack

The next step would be to test that treatment in a larger animal before advancing to studies in humans. However, Latvian prime minister Krisjanis Karins also said: "To open up the entire agreement I think that is very unrealistic, certainly in the short time frame. Women will be allowed to rent hotel rooms with proof of identity — an ID card for Saudi women, residency card for foreign residents or passport for tourists.

Damaged Babies & Broken Hearts: Ukraine's commercial surrogacy industry - Foreign Correspondent

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Kirtane was not involved with the research. VentriGel represents an "alternative paradigm to cell based regenerative medicine strategies" that have historically mostly focused on stem cell therapy, Christman and colleagues suggested.

Following the initial inflammation, the area is replaced by a collagen rich scar," they wrote, noting that the goal of VentriGel is replacing this abnormal microenvironment to cue cardiac repair. Rather it was designed to be delivered via catheter and upon injection, assemble into an open porous and fibrous scaffold to allow for endogenous cells to repopulate and remodel the matrix," the investigators said. The gel is administered as a single 5. Most were men; average age was

Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts
Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts
Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts
Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts
Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts
Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts

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