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Paperback , pages. More Details Fallen Star 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Fallen Star , please sign up. How do i read it? Lena83 you can read it free on kindle like many other brilliant books. Todo boom???? See all 17 questions about The Fallen Star…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 01, Samantha Souza rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one.

Shelves: just-started-and-already-regretting. As you can very well see I haven't even finished the book yet. But I can't hold back what I have to say about this book any longer. I'm so glad I finally remembered how to put pictures on html sites! Yay me! I'm going to get picture happy now! The Fallen Star is Twilight's quoting myself from an earlier comment drunk and sloppy cousin.

I really don't think that I can actually finish this book, but damn it I am going to try my hardest!

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There is a shit ton of similarities between the two books. Le As you can very well see I haven't even finished the book yet. Let's see. These will have to be hidden by spoiler tags I'm sure there is more to come. Alex's sister Aislin. Though I haven't gotten very far into this book, I'm going to assume that she becomes Gemma's bestest best friend Alex and Gemma only have one class together. Alex takes all coherent thought out of Gemma's mind when she sees him.

Now I have an issue with whiny, sniveling, barely useful, wimpy freaking female leads. This chick has the exact makings of a person who could severely piss me off.

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Now don't get me wrong. I loved the first book in Twilight. I even liked the second one. I was one of those girls who was falling and tripping all over themselves to try and get a copy of the next Twilight book.

But I had a problem with Bella, I had a problem with Edward. I hated their relationship and I hated Bella's "helplessness" and Edward's "woe is me" attitude, but I really just couldn't help myself when I fell in love with the story. Bella was annoying at best. Gemma is worse than Bella. She jumped right over annoying and landed right into infuriating territory. I have no idea what the hell she's talking about half the time, because half of this book just doesn't make sense.

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There is a whole dumpster truck full of missing information on this book. For instance, I have no idea what she looks like, what anyone else looks like, or for that matter what anything around her looks like. None, zilch, zip, nada, zero. I can't seem to get past the fact that the only thing the author seems adamant on focusing on, is how obsessed Gemma is with Alex and vice versa. Who the fruck cares? Tell me about the town she lives in!

The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series, Book 1)

Tell me about what she looks like! Tell me what Alex looks like and Ailsin and Sophia and Marco. There is NO background on any of the characters! Get on with the damn story instead of focusing on Alex and Gemma so much! What happened to this book? How did it get past the publisher?

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The I-hyphenate-everything-because-I-don't-know-what-I'm-talking-about is confusing and annoying and if I'm forced to read one more G. Here is a sentence that just stuck out and made me clench my jaws until I felt like my teeth were cracking. I am not shitting you. My eyes almost started bleeding when I saw this.

I literally stared at this sentence for about five minutes wondering how in the hell the author could have miss this eye sore.

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Then there is the repetition of every word that the author wants to emphasize. Example: She was very, very hungry. I can think of at least two different words that have the same meaning as very very hungry: Famished and ravenous come to mind. I mean really It's freakin free! Then there is the annoying habit of Alex talking about shit that Gemma likes that the reader had no clue that Gemma liked it until Alex brought it up!

Who the hell? How does Alex know that Gemma is interested in the supernatural world when the author didn't even bother to mention it to the reader? What, what, what what what what what on earth is going on????? The dialogue kills me! I practically have to touch my eyeballs to keep them from rolling around in my head.

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How corny can you be? This is not how a normal conversation is carried out! And the way that Gemma "stands up" to people is ridiculous!! Is she supposed to be mad? Is she spitting it out like a cobra shoots venom from it's fangs? GIVE me something? But no.

We get the weak response of "what the heck is your problem". And really the girl that's taunting Gemma is only giving her dirty looks. Grow up and get over it chicky. People will be giving you dirty looks for the rest of your life. This is just practice! And if I have read about how obsessed Gemma is with Alex one more fruckering time I am going to spew green Exorcist chunks all over this book and then toss it into the trash. I'm not all that empathetic when it comes to other people's love issues.

I apologize for being an icy queen bitch, in advance. Love stories really just don't interest me all that much. If there is a love story intertwined with something good like say, action and adventure, or horror and suspense, then hell yea I'm on board. I have a friend that said she was going to stop coming to me for relationship advice because I wasn't very sympathetic when it came to her issues.

I told her that if she stopped cheating on him then maybe things would get better. I haven't heard a thing about her or her boyfriend since. I think YA has gotten into the habit of sending the wrong message to kids. Since when is it ok to tell kids to "fall in love" with people because of their looks? I drew a blank Why is it OK for a girl to fall for a guy simply because of his looks?

Jace treats Clary like shit.

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I'm just going to delete this book from my Kindle and forget I ever thought about trying my best to finish it. This is me not being a happy camper right now. View all comments.

Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1 Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1
Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1 Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1
Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1 Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1
Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1 Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1
Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1 Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1
Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1 Falling Stars: Falling Stars Book 1

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