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The Book Of Aquarius - Alchemy and the Philosophers Stone

A lamp, the oil of which is mingled with this spirit, continues to burn for ever without diminution.

The Book of Aquarius By Anonymous

It converts crystals into the most precious stones of all colours, equal to those from the mines, and does many other incredible wonders which may not be revealed to the unworthy. For it heals all dead and living bodies without other medicine. A universal medicine for the body. The Red Stone is much more powerful than the White Stone. A single dose can have a large effect, depending on the strength of the Stone and whether it be White or Red. However, for a lasting effect the Stone should be ingested eaten daily, else your body and mind will begin deteriorating again.

If ingested it will cure all disease, and in higher concentrations will make an old person healthy and fitter than they were even in their youth. Taken regularly in high concentration, it will be unnecessary to eat, drink or even breathe. Although these may be done anyway.

5 Books for Aquarius Readers (That Aren’t by White Men)

The body will never grow old. You will heal from wounds extremely quickly, and be unaffected by heat and cold. The above will be the duty of the true physician and sane philosopher.

For thus will he be able to preserve our body from corruption, to retard old age, retain florid youth in full vigour, and, if possible, to perpetuate it, at least to preserve it from death and destruction. It is sudorific or causing sweat, if anything be, to be sent forth by the pores. It is laxative, if anything be, to be evacuated by stool. It is diuretic, if anything be, to be driven forth by the passage of urine. But it is never vomative, as that is altogether contrary to nature.

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A universal medicine for the mind. The Stone will bring one to their very best and sharpest state of mind. You will be able to learn even faster than as a child, and very easily pick up new languages and learn skills naturally, without making much effort. Arguably the best quality of all is that the Stone will release one from sadness, depression and suffering. Therefore also making one kind and caring towards others.

Indeed, it may be said to supply every human want, and to provide a remedy for every form of suffering. The New Pearl of Great Price, by Peter Bonus, AD ——————————————————————————————————————————— He that has once found this Art, can have nothing else in all the world to wish for, than that he may be allowed to serve his God in peace and safety. He will not care for pomp or dazzling outward show.

But if he lived a thousand years, and daily entertained a million people, he could never come to want An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King, by An Anonymous Sage and Lover of Truth, AD ——————————————————————————————————————————— Use 3. A universal medicine for the spirit. The Stone is a fast-track to spiritual enlightenment, and considered by the ancient Indians, Tibetans and Chinese to be the only method to achieve enlightenment without meditation. It is considered by the ancient Chinese Taoists to be the preferred method.

What can be better than compounding the great tan [medicine] at the same time? Then you can overcome wu to no leak to become a chen jen true man, hsien. They are really not the nose and the mouth, as some persons think. Chinese ——————————————————————————————————————————— Use 4. A universal medicine for plants. The Stone will cause plants to grow extremely quickly and healthily and in any condition. Use 5. A universal medicine for metals. The Stone allows any metal to be transmuted into silver with the White Stone or gold with the Red Stone.

It is also possible to transmute gold back into the lesser metals. The Chemists Key, by Henry Nollius, AD ——————————————————————————————————————————— The purer the metals are, and the greater their affinity to our substance, the more easily are they received by the Tincture, and the more perfect and rapid is the process of regeneration. For the transformation consists in all that is impure and unsuitable being purged off, and rejected like dross.

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  5. In the same manner flawed stones can be transmuted into precious diamonds, and common crystal can be so tinged as to become equal to the most precious stones. Moreover, many other things may be done with the Tincture which must not be revealed to the wicked world. These virtues of the Stone, and others of a like kind, are looked upon as the least important by the Sages, and by all Christians on whom God has bestowed this most precious gift.

    The Book of Aquarius – The Great Work – Genuine Observations

    Such men think them vile indeed when compared with the knowledge of God and of His works which is afforded by the Stone. The New Pearl of Great Price, by Peter Bonus, AD ——————————————————————————————————————————— Every Mercury of Metals and Minerals may, by successive stages, be raised, through the qualities of all other Mercuries, to the excellence of the Solar Body, and thence also be reduced to the degree and virtue of any metallic body one may choose. A universal medicine for minerals. The Stone can be used to grow and develop precious stones and diamonds. Malleable glass. The Stone can be used to make glass malleable, that is, so you can beat it into shape without it shattering.

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    Unlimited energy. Traditionally, lamps can be made with the Stone which burn forever, or at least for thousands of years. Therefore it can also be used to generate an almost unlimited amount of electricity and be used as a power source. I will cover everburning lamps in more detail in a later chapter.

    The Stone certainly has some interesting properties, which could make sci-fi technologies possible. Creation of life. It is possible to make them giants or dwarf them. It is also possible to create hybrids or new species out of different animals, or even animals and humans. The writing style is not what you might expect; modern and informal at times, but at the same time the words have a resonance of truth about them.

    But the question remains: "is it true? That is for you to decide.

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    The Book of Aquarius The Book of Aquarius
    The Book of Aquarius The Book of Aquarius
    The Book of Aquarius The Book of Aquarius
    The Book of Aquarius The Book of Aquarius
    The Book of Aquarius The Book of Aquarius

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