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Meninism, #MeToo and murder: Clique, teen TV's most political show, returns

There is, of course, nothing inherently wrong with these ideas. In an environment where women are encouraged to take a step back from their careers, to constantly sacrifice their desires for others, it can be extremely beneficial to reframe ambition as positive. But there are problems. It can run the risk of creating a culture where the exceptions are used to disprove the rule.

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This is exactly the kind of environment that McDermid intentionally encourages. The rest of the girls were pointedly not invited. Class every man as a misogynist and you just end up creating more actual misogynists. Talk to them. It smothers its political message in suspense. Cracks soon begin to appear in the group.

After Fay commits suicide, Georgia begins having panic attacks. As the series progresses, McDermid is faced with a rude awakening. For all her insistence that these five exceptional women are protected from sexist work environments by their own tenacity, she is suddenly faced with irrefutable evidence that her own brother, Alistair, has been using the interns to execute illegal business deals. Like the men do. Her brother has systematically raping interns Fay and Georgia, and allowing clients to do the same.

What is wrong with you? Rachel continues to spend every second by his side, and Georgia even appears on BBC News to label the accusations ridiculous. McDermid is fired from her teaching post at the university, but not before trying her best to defend herself.

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But it does suggest that putting the onus onto the individual effort of exceptional women, and spotlighting their achievements and potential, can allow systemic sexism to continue unnoticed, or even enable sinister workplace environments. Recomendar Twitter.


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The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique
The Clique The Clique

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