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Root of all evil. Ethical conundrums. This sporting life. Stage and screen. Birds and the bees. I imagine rich people got their servants to wake them up, but how did THEY get up? Was it just a case of relying on cockerels or the sun? Liz Bland, Reading, UK To answer part of your question, I do know that the factory workers of the day were woken up by a "knocker-upper" who walked the streets and banged on bedroom windows with a large pole. Now as to who "knocked-up" the "knocker-upper" - that I cannot answer.

Mel, Sheffield, UK In mining villages or probably other industrial communities a "knocker" was paid to walk the streets and tap on a slate attached to the outside of the house. The wake-up time was written on the same slate. A young man wake up at illustration. Alarm clock. Purple Alarm Clock. Colorful alarm clock set isolated on white background. Wake up alarm. Alarm clock icon. Realistic Alarm Clock Background. Alarm Clock Icon Set. Alarm Clock Poster.

Time Icon Vectoer. Sleeping bear illustration.

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Funny, cute alarm clock. Old vintage clock set. A girl wake up at Cartoon alarm clock isolated on green background. A girl wathing television at A Classic Alarm Clock Template.

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Girls playing volleyball at A man playing golf at middat. A boy reading a book at A dinosaur clock on white background. A girl sleep at 9 o'clock.

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Otter clock on white background. Eagle clock on white background. A girl go to sleep at 9 o'clock. Although it has a darkness to it, there is a bit of hope in his words.

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General Comment This song is so powerful Layne just wanted everyone to learn from his experiences, and "wake up" from the illusion that you can escape an addiction. Everybody who is stupid enough to do drugs should listen to this song, and be ashamed of themselves if they still call themselves good Alice in Chains or Mad Season fans. Angry Sar. General Comment "The cracks and lines from where you gave up, they make an easy man to read" probably refers to the scars left on his body by heroin use.

Wake Up Young Man - Layne Staley on Foil - TEST

Every time he tried to stop using people would judge him by those. I guess this made it even harder for him because everyone only saw him as a hapless junkie and it's hard to change on your own when people see you as only that. General Comment If you really think about how powerful this song is, because it explains his life and laynes demise, IT made me cry one time its just so awesome.

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Wake up young man
Wake up young man
Wake up young man
Wake up young man
Wake up young man
Wake up young man
Wake up young man

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